Edutech's Assessment Platform enables instructors to create their own Question bank and generate customized online tests in practice as well as exam mode for their own students or employees. Using this platform the instructor or employers can allot the generated tests to individuals or groups at specific time and evaluate their performance. The tests and test reports are stored online securely in the database for further use and can be easily communicated.

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Pricing Plans

Beginner Edition

Suitable for Trials

25 Tests


Lite Edition

Suitable for small Organisations

500 Tests


Enterprise Edition

Suitable for Large Enterprises

10000 Tests



Create Question Bank:
Edutech’s Assessment platform, allows you to easily create your own online Question bank of unlimited number of different types of Questions.  The question bank can be organized into Questions of different subjects, topics and subtopics. The questions may be of varied types and levels of difficulty. Easy to use wizard based system of question entry and verifying allows for fast and effective creation of questions.
  • Six different types of Questions can be generated:
    1. Multiple Choice Questions with single correct answer
    2. Multiple Choice Questions with multiple correct answers
    3. Comprehension
    4. Knowledge matrix
    5. Pull down list
    6. Sequencing

  • Mock view of each Question is available which helps in editing the question as per the need.
  • Questions can be edited and verified easily
  • Score can be given as per the complexity of the question
  • Questions can be organized as per the difficulty level as Easy, Hard and Very Hard.
  • Unlimited number of choices and options of answers can be given for each question
  • Figures, equations, links, animations, videos and tables can be incorporated in Questions, choices as well as in explanation part.
  • Explanation for correct answer can be given for each question which the user can see in the practice mode and in report of the test.
 Create Tests:
Unlimited number of tests having different features can be generated with the available question bank.
  • Tests can be generated for single subject, topic or subtopic or combination of two or more subjects, topics and subtopics.
  • Tests can be generated for predefined questions or by random pick up of questions from selected subject, topic or subtopic.
  • Tests of single or varied type of questions can be generated.
  • Tests can include any number of questions and can be of any number of marks as per the need
Create  Users:
  • You can create unlimited number of users for taking your allotted tests.
  • Users can be created manually by adding their name and emails or by importing the available data of users from other source
  • The main administrator of the Institute can create departmental users for using the assessment platform separately as per the department needs.
  • Each departmental user can create questions, create tests and allot them to its created users.
Create User Groups:
  • Creating user groups and assigning the users to different groups helps to allot the group tests as well as to assess different tests to different groups.
  • User groups can be department wise or level wise or by any other classification methods.


Whether you’re responsible for assessment of your students or for assessing the performance of your employees, looking for tools to assist in formative test delivery locally or at remote locations, Edutech’s Assessment platform can meet your requirements. With this platform you can deliver the tests at specific time or over the period of time.
Some benefits in delivering assessments through Edutech’s Assessment platform include:
  • Prevention of candidates accessing other applications during on-screen exams with ‘locked-down’ mode.
  • Random pick up of questions from a large data pool of questions, prevents the delivery of same questions to different users and thus enabling the secured assessment of candidates and not allowing them to copy the answers.
  • Delivering your assessment on desktop, tablet, mobile or any internet ready device.
  • Provide instant feedback to candidates through practice tests.
  • Provide instant reports to candidates for tests of exam mode.
  • You can manage the exam delivery start and end times, and control when the candidate can access the assessment.
  • Tests can be allotted to single user or group of users simultaneously.
  • Tests can be delivered in varied designs ranging from 1 question per page to multiple questions per page
  • Same tests can be allotted to many number of times to same users to check the improvement in their performances

Test in Practice Mode:

Test in Exam Mode:



  • Questions can be marked individually with diffrent scores as per its complexity.
  • Tests of different marking systems can be generated and allotted to the users to evaluate their competence.
  • Negative marking of 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% can be inserted while allotting the tests to the users to increase the difficulty level of tests and for enabling stringent evaluations.
  • Marks of each Question are displayed against the question while taking the tests.


  • Test Reports of the users can be viewed instantly on finishing the test by the users themselves and also by the instructor allotting the test.
  • Different types of test reports like Question wise, topic wise, subtopic wise, and subject wise are generated to effectively analyze the performance of the users.
  • Question wise report includes correct answer and answer given by the user for each question and explanation for the correct answer
  • Cumulative report can be viewed in case of multiple attempts of any test taken by the user enabling to judge the improvement in user’s performance.
  • In case of group tests, individual as well as comparative evaluation of user performance is obtained from group reports.
  • Reports can be printed and communicated to the users on Institute’s letterhead.
  • Reports can be stored online in the database for further use.

Subject wise reports:

Topic wise Reports:

Subtopic wise Reports:



One of the biggest advantage of Edutech’s Assessment platform is that it can be easily integrated in your  website. You can manage your data, streamline and schedule all assessment processes, maximize efficiency and reduce administrative workload by integrating assessment platform in your system.