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Launch of online course on 'General principles of Pharmacology'

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Edutech announces the first of its kind an online course on 'General principles of Pharmacology' under the category of Pharmacology & Therapeutics'.

This online course on 'General principles of Pharmacology' is designed to explain some basic concepts of Pharmacology and is intended for learners of the health care team. It includes videos and textual material on important topics like Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics, drug delivery systems, types of adverse drug reactions and drug interactions. It will help the learner to understand the general mechanisms by which drugs act and the fate of the drug inside the body. In this course, thorough explanation of each and every concept of pharmacology is supplemented with quizzes and tests to evaluate the knowledge gained. The learner taking this course will have clear understanding of the basic concepts of pharmacology which will help him/her to further understand the complex topics in pharmacology.