Educational Practice Board for TMS320C5515


The EPB_C5515 is a stand-alone module permitting engineers and software developers to evaluate certain characteristics of the TMS320C5515 DSP and determine processor applicability to design requirements.

To simplify code development and shorten debugging time, a C5000 Code Composer Studio driver is provided. In addition, an onboard JTAG connector provides interface to emulators, for assembly language and ‘C’ language debug.


Mechanical Parameters

Size: 99mm x 57.42mm

Input Voltage - 5V DC


TMS320C5515 – Fixed Point Digital Signal Processor

DSP with up to 60, 75, 100, 120 MHz Clock Rate

14 Pin (2x7 Pin) on-board JTAG emulation connector


Onboard 32MB Flash Memory (3V 70ns Parallel NOR Flash Memory)

320K Bytes Zero-Wait State On-Chip RAM, Composed of:

      • 64K Bytes of Dual-Access RAM (DARAM), 8 Blocks of 4K x 16-Bit

      • 256K Bytes of Single-Access RAM (SARAM), 32 Blocks of 4K x 16-Bit

128K Bytes of Zero Wait-State On-Chip ROM (4 Blocks of 16K x 16-Bit)


Data Transfer Interfaces

On board 3 pin header for UART interface

On board USB TYPE B Connector for UART interface for Debug Console

On board Reset Switch with LED indication

On board Mini USB Type AB Connector for USB device interface

On board SPI based micro SD card interface

On board 6 pin relimate connector for SPI communication

On board 4 pin relimate connector for I2C communication


Input/Output Interfaces and other Facilities

On board 20 Pin GPIO connector

On board 3.3V Power-On LED indication

On board XF LED indication

On board 4 User LED at GPIO Pin as GPIO Test point

On board ADC based 2 user push buttons for various applications

On board 10 bit 4 channels Successive Approximation ADC input facility


Special functionality

On board audio jack for Headphone out

On board audio jack for Stereo out

On board audio jack for Stereo In1

On board audio jack for Stereo In2

On board LED to indicate power surge

On board LED to indicate high voltage input

On board excessive voltage protection circuit with LED indication

LED indication for USB connection for Debug Console

Various test points for various signals

On board jumper selection to switch UART between USB connector and 3 pin connector for RXD line