Advance 8051 Microcontroller lab

The Advance Micro controller Lab is specially designed keeping in mind the curriculum as well as the basic skills needed for working with micro controllers. This lab is based on the Advance version of 8051 platform thus enabling the students to have a complete experience to work with new version of the micro controller target. This lab also includes different development tools in the form of compilers, IDE, etc. The plugable interfacing kits offered can be interfaced with the target CPU board thus mastering the art of programming and interfacing. The documentation provided includes lesson plans, manuals and workbooks with complete procedures of operations and experimentation.
  • The lab features 8-bit micro controller platform based on advanced version of the 8051 micro controller to learn and explore the basics of a micro controller and its operations.
  • Lab offers micro controller target boards with on board programming facility using USB port.
  • The Educational Practice board features C8051F340 micro controller operating up to 48MHz and having on chip features like 10-bit ADC, USB, PLL, SPI, I2C/SMBus, Four general purpose 16-bit counter/timers, 16-bit programmable counter array (PCA) with five capture/compare modules, Built-in temperature sensor,Watchdog Timer,JTAG, User defined PIN configuration etc. The port lines are available on two twenty pin connector and also have the facility to flash the program directly using USB connector.
  • Set of All-In-One general purpose board having interfaces like LCD, 8 LED, 4 Key, 2X2 matrix keyboard, 2 seven segment LED, stepper motor interface,  DC motor interface, relay interface, I2C and SPI based EEPROM interface enables the learner to interface external devices to the controller. This board can be interfaced with any of the controller boards provided in the lab
  • A full version of Integrated Development Environment (C-Cross compiler) supporting the target board is offered which can be used to write C codes and test them on the target hardware.
  • The lab also includes a complete documentation in the form of workbooks with case studies and experiments. A complete source codes for various on chip and off chip peripherals for all of the above mentioned micro controllers is made available with the lab setup.
The experiments include the cases studies on the various features of the micro controllers including on-chip and off-chip peripherals. These cases enable the learner to learn the art of writing the interfacing drivers, initialization routines, reusable functions, etc. The case studies provided with the lab includes the following peripherals:
  • GPIO
  • Timer/Counter
  • Interrupts
  • UART
  • SPI
  • I2C
  • Interfacing Switch
  • LED interfacing
  • Interfacing 7-Segment LED
  • Interfacing LCD
  • Interfacing Matrix Keyboard
  • Interfacing Stepper Motor
  • Relay Interfacing

Contents :

Resources Quantity
Educational Practice Board for C8051F340 10
All In One general Purpose Board 10
USB Cable 10
Software Tools on CDROM/DVD 1
9V Power Supply 10
Advanced Microcontroller Lab Workbook 1