Embedded Lab for Linux Porting

The Advance Embedded Lab extends the learning experience by introducing the Linux based platform to demonstrate the embedded development activities. This lab focuses on the ARM9 platform and contains required learning resources to demonstrate the OS porting techniques required for embedded system design. The experimentation using this lab includes the art of porting of bootloader, OS kernel, File System and Device Driver development. The proprietary tutorials contains step by step interactive content enabling individual learner to take on the complex learning content on ARM9 platform.
  • Educational practice board for ARM9 featuring AT91RM9200 for kernel porting activity featuring on-board 8MB flash memory, 32MB SDRAM, on-board USB host and device ports, two serial interface connectors, SPI interface connector, I/O ports all extended via twenty pin connectors, on-board Ethernet connector with sample kernel and file system already ported on the board. Also a central computing system setup to be installed in the laboratory with this lab with pre loaded Linux OS and all necessary cross compilers, kernel and file system images etc. to be arranged in a laboratory LAN environment.
  • A set of pluggable interfacing modules directly connected to above mentioned educational practice board and consisting of interfacing devices like LCD, 2X2 Matrix Keyboard, 7-segment LED, switches, LEDs, motor interface like DC and stepper motor, EEPROM interface etc.
  • Individual tutorials to be run on laboratory PCs with interactive features like graphics, audio narration and animation for understanding of concepts like Linux kernel structure, OS concepts, bootloader, working environment for ARM9, bootloader porting for AT91RM9200, hands-on sessions for kernel porting, file system porting, device drivers, GPIOs, kernel configuration, flashing image on the board, etc. all to be provided on a set of CDROM as a license to the institute.
  • Workbook with case studies on various on-chip and off-chip peripherals and experiments with source codes for above mentioned educational practice board.
  • Porting Linux OS
  • Device driver writing
  • Kernel configuration & porting on ARM9 target board
  • Bootloader configuration & porting on ARM9 target board
  • File system configuration and porting on ARM9 target board
  • Basic Experiments including Simple test program, creating process, creating thread, understanding multi threading, semaphore, Mutex, interrupt, timer, inter process communication
  • Experiments on various interfacing devices includes LED, 7-segment LED, Key, Matrix keyboard, LCD, Stepper Motor, Relay, MMC/SD card, USB pen drive

Contents :

Resources Quantity
Educational Practice Board for ARM9 platform 5
All In One general Purpose Board 5
ARM9 Tutor Set on CDROM 1
ARM9 Workbook 1
9V Power Supply 5
Software Tools on CDROM/DVD 1
USB Cable 5