3 Phase Inverter Stack Module

The 3 phase Inverter stack kit is specially designed for easy practical experimentation and makes the study of power electronics safer by preventing dangerous and expensive failures. This kit increases the demonstration time and reduces the build up time. Arrangements are made to observe various waveforms on the CRO. This kit can be configured as per the requirement and can have Diode bridge rectifier and chopper module in addition to the IGBT inverter stack. The kit also contains IGBT drivers, heat sink, DC link capacitors, fan and provision of thermal trip. All these components are assembled and encapsulated in acrylic case for protection of electric shock. This kit is best suited for the basic and advance experimentation/research for UG and PG and PhD levels.
  • Three/Four IGBT gate module (Inverter leg) made up of 2 IGBT with an anti parallel diode
  • Optional Brake Chopper module made up of 1 IGBT with an anti parallel diode
  • Optional three phase bridge rectifier module with Blocking voltage of 1600 V and high surge current carrying capability
  • Gate Driver module to interfaces and isolates the Control Unit and to control the IGBT's dynamic behavior and its short - circuit protection with Input signal level of 0/15V and Interlocking time between the input signals of 3µs.
  • The Gate Driver also monitors the errors: power supply under-voltage (below 13 V), short-circuit between Collector and Emitter and the error reset time is typically 9µs. On detection of error/fault, the Gate Driver switches off the IGBT.
  • Optional DC capacitor bank and snubber capactors
  • The kit stack assembly is provided with forced air cooling
  • IGBT modules are mounted on 250 mm heat sink along with the axial fan connected to it to dissipate the heat generated by the IGBTs.
  • Normally Closed Thermal contact switch is provided for temperature protection