Educational Practice Board For TMS320F28335

The Educational Practice board for C2000 platform focuses the 32-bit floating point TMS320F28335 CPU. This device has high performance integrated peripherals designed for real time control applications. Its math optimised core enables system efficiency, reliability and flexibility. This board is supported by wide vaiety of on board features which includes buffered +5V signals on standard connectors. These control lines are classified functionally for easy interface. The most important feature of this board is the large amount of on board RAM for easy and multiple programming cycle. Its compabilityility with research tools like MATLAB enables direct execution of MATLAB programs on the board thus making this board highly useful for desertation work at UG, PG and Phd levels.


Mechanical Parameters
  • Size: 8.75 inch X4.5 inch
  • Input Voltage - 9V DC
  • C2000 Delfino series TMS320F28335 Digital Signal Controller
  • 150 Mhz. Max operating speed
  • On chip 32-bit floating point unit
  • 68K bytes on-chip RAM
  • 512K bytes on-chip Flash memory
  • On board IEEE 1149.1 JTAG emulation connector  with LED indication
  • 6 channel DMA controller (For ADC, McBSP, ePWM, XINTF, SARAM)
On-Board Memory
  • 1M bytes (64kx16) off-chip SRAM memory
  • 256K EEPROM interface
  • USB for Flashing
On-Board Data Transfer Interfaces
  • USB Connector for UART-A interface
  • DB9 connector for UART-A interface
  • LED indication for Transmit and Receive data at UART-A
  • 3 pin header for UART-B interface
  • DB9 connector for CAN-A interface with on board hardware Loop back mode feature
  • 4 pin header for CAN-B interface with on board hardware Loop back mode feature
  • SPI and I2C devices
On-Board Input/Output Interfaces and other Facilities
  • Power-On LED indication
  • Connector for Watchdog timer output
  • 20 Pin (10x2 header) Connector for 16 GPIO lines
  • DB25 Connector for 8 Digital Input and 8 Digital Output interface with +5V compatibility
  • Error + Trip +5V compatible connector for Inverter control module
  • LED at GPIO Pin as GPIO Test point
  • I2C based Off-Chip EEPROM interface
  • I2C based Off-Chip RTC interface
On-Board Special functionality
  • DB9 connector for 6 channel capture interface
  • DB25 connector for 12 channel PWM interface
  • DB15 connector for 8 Channel On-Chip ADC-A interface (with 3V protection using OpAmps with unity gain output)
  • DB15 connector for 8 Channel On-Chip ADC-B interface (with 3V protection using OpAmps with unity gain output)
  • Potentiometer to test On-Chip ADC
  • DB9 connector for 4 channels SPI based External DAC interface
  • Reset Switch with LED indication
  • Switch for Run/Program mode switching with LED indication
  • 4-way DIP Switch for 16 different boot mode selection
  • General test points
  • Test points for All the PWM, ADC and Power