TFT/Touch screen Interfacing Kit

The interfacing kit for TFT module contains a 3.5 inch MCU/RGB interface QVGA TFT LCD with touch panel. The kit can be directly interfaced with the Cortex M3 CPU target board or ARM7 CPU target board for easy experimentation and application development.
  • 3.5 inch MCU/RGB interface
  • QVA landscape TFT/LCD with touch screen
  • 320X240 resolution
  • Viewing area of 70.08mm X 52.56 mm
  • LED back light
  • Parallel and serial interface option
  • Mounted on a base board with 34 pin connector for easy connection with EPB1768 Cortex M3 board
  • Useful for learning TFT/Touch Screen interface and using it for project and prototype development