Educational Practice Board for PIC18F4455

The Educational Practice Board for PIC18F4455 is a very low cost CPU target board for those who want to start up with PIC18 micro controllers. The board provides USB based flashing option enabling the users to download the test programs to the flash memory using USB. The board also provides all the GPIO lines on 20-pin connectors. Wide variety of interfacing kits can be interfaced with this board thus making it useful for curriculum project activities.



  • General purpose study card to learn, test and apply PIC18F4455.
  • On-board In-circuit programming facility eliminating the need of a separate programmer.
  • Flash programming using USB 24 K on chip Flash program memory Dual mode power supply (using SMPS and USB cable)
  • Two 20 pin connector for GPIO interfacing
  • One 20 pin header for 13 channel 10 bit ADC interfacing.
  • Two UART connectors External interrupt connector
  • On-board I2C, SPI, USB, UART connectors
  • Low cost & ideal for project development work