Educational Practice Board for ARM Cortex M3


The Educational Practice Board for LPC1768 Cortex M3 controller contains all the necessary hardware and software features that allow you to design, develop, integrate and test your applications. This board features the LPC1768 CPU based on the ARM Cortex M3 core and works up to 100 MHz It has on chip 512KB of internal flash and 64K of SRAM and peripherals like Ethernet, SPI, I2C etc.. The board supports USB based flashing option along with the JTAG feature.

There are different on-board devices like LED, Key, Matrix keyboard, EEPROM etc. which can be used to study the programming techniques and develop projects and applications.


Mechanical Parameters
  • Size: 160x136mm
  • Input Voltage - 9V DC
  • LPC1768 cortex M3 series 32 bit microcontroller
  • 100 Mhz. Max operating speed
  • On chip 32-bit floating point unit
  • 68 KB on-chip SRAM
  • 512 KB on-chip Flash memory
  • On board 20 Pin (2x10 Pin) JTAG emulation connector
  • ISP using on chip Boot loader S/W
  • Eight channel General Purpose DMA controller
  • On board 256 Kbit serial I2C EEPROM interface
On board Data Transfer Interfaces
  • USB Connector for UART-0 interface for Debug Console
  • 3 pin header for UART-0 interface
  • LED indication for USB connection for Debug Console        
  • DB9 connector for UART-1 interface with Tx Rx indication LED
  • USB Connector for USB host interface
  • DB9 connector for CAN interface
  • 256 Kbit serial I2C EEPROM interface
  • Serial I2C based Temperature sensor
  • Serial SPI based MMC card interface
Input/Output Interfaces and other Facilities
  • Power-On LED indication
  • 20 Pin (10x2 header) Connector for 16 GPIO lines
  • User LED at GPIO Pin as GPIO Test point
  • Buzzer at GPIO Pin as GPIO Test point
Special On board functionality
  • 34 pin TFT LCD interface connector
  • RJ45 connector for Ethernet interface
  • Audio out speaker interface
  • Temperature sensor with interrupt out facility
  • 2x5 Pin connector for 6 channel ADC interface
  • Potentiometer to test On-Chip ADC
  • Reset Switch with LED indication
  • Switch for Run/Program mode (Boot mode selection) with LED indication