USB JTAG Emulator

The USB JTAG Emulator is ultra-low-cost USB interface JTAG hardware reference design and provides JTAG access to Texas Instruments JTAG based devices. It is compatible with Code Composer Studio™ development environment and has following features.
  • Supports Texas Instruments Processors and Microcontrollers with JTAG interface:F28xx,C674x, C64x+,ARM9,C54xx,C55xx,Cortex™ etc.
  • Supports Embedded Trace Buffer (ETB) on selected TI devices
  • USB Bus Powered
  • Supports USB 2.0 (480mbps)
  • Debug features (Emulation Connect/Disconnect, Read/Write memory, Read registers, Load program, Run, Halt, Step, Software and Hardware Breakpoint support, Real-Time Mode)
  • Compatible with +1.8V or +3.3V JTAG Interfaces.
  • Supports targets with 14-pin JTAG Header
  • Dimensions: 2.22”L x 1.”W Low Profile
  • 14-pin JTAG Header
  • Compatible with Code Composer Studio IDE™ from Texas Instruments version v4 and later
  • Supports UniFlash™ programming utility from Texas Instruments
  • Compatible with Windows XP, Vista,Win7, Wn10 and Linux Operating Systems
  • Adaptive clocking
  • LED light to indicate active USB connection